Weekend Getaway to Coonoor..

Only a pet parent can understand the pain of leaving behind their fur baby for whatsoever reason and secretly wishing to take them along on vacations. Unfortunately, India is really lagging in this area due to super-limited options of ‘pet-loving’ resorts.

Yes! I said ‘Pet-loving’ because ‘Pet-friendly’ place will let you to bring your pet along but will hand you over a long list of strict pet-policies, which will make you realize that your baby probably was better off left behind at home. Hence, I am constantly on a hunt for ‘pet-loving’ hidden gems where we can enjoy with our girls.

This year we decided to celebrate Mr. B’s birthday at Ooty/Coonoor and take girls along for our first ‘pet-vacation’. After lot of research I shortlisted 10 resorts and started my screening process by talking to Owners/Managers. Almost everyone had their different set of strict rules, but finally, we hit the jackpot with “Atwood Coonoor”.

Coonoor is approx. 350 KMs from Bangalore and we reached there by driving for around 10 hours (including meal or restroom breaks).


“Atwood Coonoor” is a 60 acres of heritage property owned by this wonderful guy – Yudhishter. He patiently guided us to this hidden location and as we entered the property we got struck by the beauty of tea plantations on one side and valley view on the other.

Atwood Coonoor (Room/Lawn)

We were lucky enough to be the only guests that weekend hence Elsa-Anna got to enjoy every corner of the estate without any restrictions. Our bedroom had a lovely bay window overlooking the garden and valley where girls relaxed at night while checking out the grazing herd of bison. And when they felt cold they simply cuddled up in our bed.

Bay Window

Tired from our unusually hectic work schedules Mr. B and I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend while soaking the beauty of nature, playing with girls and enjoying our piping hot meals in the scenic garden and terrace dining area.

And most important of it all, we came back home with hearts full of content and happiness, thanks to those wagging furry tails and tiny dirty paws!!

What we loved:

  • Wildlife safari experience while driving through Bandipur & Mudumalai national tiger reserve parks (where we spotted deer, bison, elephants and baboon).
  • Long scenic drive b/w National parks and Ooty, surrounded by tea plantations, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful misty valleys reminding us of all those old Bollywood romantic flicks.
  • Available 24/7 common kitchen facility to cook or heat up the pet food.
Elsa(L) & Anna(R)
Elsa(R) & Anna(L)
Elsa(R) & Anna(L)


Hope you enjoyed the post!

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