What’s in our Kitty Vanity!

Elsa with her Dad

Cats by nature are blessed to be good at keeping themselves groomed by constant licking. However, long-haired cats need additional care to help keep their fur clean and healthy.

To develop a healthy routine using right products, I researched a lot by reading online articles, participating in forums and consulting vet. I also got in touch with a lovely lady Meehnaz Khan (a professional feline groomer) to seek her advice on my queries.

Sharing below my findings on grooming routine of Elsa & Anna, that we developed over a period of time.


It is best to develop bathing habit at an early age, else cats are known to develop a fear of bathing experience as they grow up. I was fortunate enough to receive this guidance on time and we started bathing our fur babies from a very young age.

We give them bath at home, once in every 3-4 weeks using BioGroom Natural Oatmeal Shampoo. It is really mild on their skin and makes their fur beautifully soft. Other highly recommended option by groomers is Forbis Mild Olive Shampoo , which is more economical. After bath, we simply dry them using a hair dryer.

Daily Grooming:

I ensure to take out 30 mins daily, from my hectic schedule, for a daily grooming session of Elsa & Anna. This 4 step easy process is really important for their health and beauty:

  1. Clean gunk from their eyes using wet and dry cotton.
  2. Use powder to remove/cover their tear stains. Best options I could find are Breeder care and Eye Envy. This powder can also be used for their chin acne & stud tail.
  3. Brush their fur using  Wide tooth comb or Flea/Tick comb. Check for matted hair, if found then carefully remove using a small pair of scissors.
  4. Finish off with brushing their teeth and Mouth-spray for their oral hygiene.

It took time to win their trust but starting at an early age of 2 months helped a lot.

Ear Cleaning and Nail Clipping:

We clean their ears at-least once a month and usually just before their bath. Use few drops of an Ear Cleaning Liquid which helps loosen the wax. Once wax slides to the outer ear it can be easily cleaned using ear buds and cotton.

I usually clip their nails after their bath because girls cooperate better as they are relaxed. I am able to comfortably trim their nails using human nail clipper, but Nail Clipper designed specifically for pets can also be used.

Pet Care:

I use Advocate Spot-On on each girl once a month, to protect them from fleas/ticks and many other potentially dangerous mites. It is bit expensive but currently best option available in the market.

Hope this information helps in keeping your fur babies clean and healthy.

Happy Purring!

Sleeping Beauty Anna
Elsa in her deep thoughts!

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  1. himalaya ahuja says:

    Great stuff guys!! Thanks!! 😇😇

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