About Us

22.5My husband (Mr. B) and I were planning to adopt a fur-baby for a long time. But after getting married in 2014, work took us both to Philippines where we lived for 3+years and abstained ourselves from bringing a pet to our family, as we did not want the poor soul to suffer due to cross border restrictions when we decide to move back to India.

We moved back to India (Bangalore) around mid-2017 and finally fulfilled our furry dream by bringing our kitties Elsa-Anna into our lives.

Mr. B and I share another love which is for traveling, hence we decided to train ‘girls’ for our future expeditions. I decided to pen down this blog due to three-fold reasons:

  • To maintain an organized guide on findings of my research,
  • To let other pet parents access the same, so they can have a good time with their fur babies, and
  • To chronicle our wonderful memories.

Happy reading!!